ArkLeisure, developed over eight years of on-going research, is the only values-based segmentation specific to the UK travel consumer.

Introducing the ArkLeisure model

Eight-segments, Values-based, Two-dimensional

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The ArkLeisure Model

High Street

Brand over function


Risk averse


Averse to change


Expectant of service

Brand over function, these individuals are indulgent and prefer to be advised.

  • Like to take their information from other sources rather than discover things for themselves
  • Keen to follow along when a fashion has been established
  • Brand and style are more important than functionality or individuality
  • Not the first to adopt new products but they will be ahead of the majority of the market
  • An active segment that is moderately interested in intellectual pursuits, arts and culture
  • Prepared to spend money on luxury which tends to mean more things
high street

Risk averse, these individuals prefer the tried and tested.

  • Strongly influenced by their peers and by the media
  • Unlikely to value things that are new and different
  • They will try things that are new to them as individuals
  • A similar aversion to what might be considered old fashioned as Style Hounds, but much less interest in new options
  • Avoid risk and will take up options when others have shown they work
  • Lag behind other groups when it comes to new products and services
  • Little interest in intellectual challenges, arts & culture
  • Service means freebie extras like Satellite TV and sun beds thrown in

Strongly adverse to change, these individuals hold dear traditional values

  • Strongly traditional
  • Strongly resistant to change preferring the familiar
  • Value a more relaxed pace of life
  • Purchase decisions made on function
  • Fashion has little meaning to them
  • Very risk averse and show little interest in new options or opportunities
  • No interest in arts or culture
  • Spend little money, on brands or service
  • Find it hard to justify expense of any sort
  • Often have limited income

Both price driven and practical, these individuals are expectant of service

  • Self-reliant
  • Very price driven and value functionality strongly over style
  • Traditional values
  • Not prepared to pay for fashion, style or individuality
  • Not early adopters of new ideas
  • Interested in new experiences, and happy to try things new to them
  • Enjoy intellectual challenges, traditional arts and culture
  • Resistant to spending
  • Service is something that they expect as opposed to something they will pay extra for

Service orientated individuals with a relaxed pace of life

  • Self-reliant and independent
  • Hold traditional values
  • Unlikely to justify spending on expensive alternatives
  • Value more traditional established brands
  • Functionality is far more important than style and individuality
  • Value, and will pay for, good service, which for them means recognition and individual attention
  • Relaxed pace of life
  • Enjoy intellectual challenges, arts and culture

Valuing technology, authenticity and independence

  • Independent individualists
  • Not worried about what others might think
  • Little influenced by style or brand unless it represents their personal values
  • Value technology, new products, services and experiences
  • Function far out rates style as a purchase driver
  • High spenders on what they want - but intolerant of substitutes or image based advertising
  • Enjoy intellectual challenges but 'arts and culture' are often negatively perceived
  • Value good service - which means enabling them to do what they want

Confident, stylish, and willing to give anything a go once

  • Do what they want rather than follow any particular fashion
  • Comfortable trying new things that are out of the ordinary
  • Happy to adopt traditional values when appropriate
  • High-spending market
  • Find it easy to justify buying expensive alternatives
  • Risk takers - a desire for things that are new and different
  • They like new challenges, both physical and intellectual
  • Life for this group is full and active, but with an appreciation of arts and culture

Fashion conscious early adopters who actively pursue excitement

  • Very brand/fashion conscious
  • Do not want to be seen as old fashioned
  • Early adopters
  • Risk takers - they live a full and active life
  • Like to be part of the latest trends
  • Strongly influenced by others
  • Ready to spend money
  • Will pay for better service - which to them means more to do or more fun
  • no real interest in sophisticated arts, or cerebral activities
  • Fun and excitement is what defines a good time
style hounds


Service orientated


Authenticity and independence


Confident and stylish

Style Hounds

Fashion conscious

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