ArkLeisure provides a wealth of knowledge about UK consumers and their motivations when it comes to decisions on holiday and leisure purchases.

Effective Market Research

Be more effective with your marketing communications and product development.

More than just a segmentation, the knowledge-base underpinning ArkLeisure allows us to conduct extremely effective market research on behalf of our clients, ensuring that they not only learn what the UK market is thinking but also which parts are thinking it; and how to target those segments show the most promise.

Our clients utilise ArkLeisure in the following ways:

  • Leveraging market data from existing research to inform marketing strategy, either as a bespoke report or as on-going access to the whole dataset.
  • Enhancing their understanding of UK consumers during market research studies amongst their own visitors or the wider market. Building ArkLeisure into CRM systems to create a database selectable by the preferences and attitudes of the customer, or using ArkLeisure to tactically target the UK market segments which match their portfolio using segmented email marketing lists.

By incorporating ArkLeisure, organisations have been able to:

  • Encourage repeat visits among existing visitors
  • Attract new visitors
  • Increase the value of visitors
  • Define a target audience
  • Understand target market motivations
  • Select the most appropriate media channels to reach these market segments
  • Tailor marketing messages towards different market segments
  • Increase efficiency of marketing activity
  • Deliver lower costs per-response

There are several ways that are ArkLeisure segmentation can support your CRM to enhance targeting, find new customers, and uncover who your clients truly are.

Our CRM support services fall into three categories:

  • Database Analysis
  • Database Segmentation
  • Email Marketing Support

If you are concerned that designing research or interpreting results to better understand your customers is going to be difficult, Arkenford has the skills to solve the problem.

Whether it's pricing, or market trends, demographics or customer motivations Arkenford have the statistical and analytical expertise to extract the story from the data.

We can design research to meet any of your business or analytical needs. Do you need to know; how your brand is perceived, what your customers most value about your service, what price you should set, or what the demand for your product will be?

We offer solutions to these kinds of questions and more. We have expertise to help you with any or all of the following:

  • Perception and awareness
  • Product or marketing campaign concept testing
  • Price point analysis
  • Advertising pre-testing and tracking
  • Brand strength and positioning
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Market sizing
  • Competitive positioning

Added to this; our wider market knowledge of UK consumers means that we can often put your results into wider market context.

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