ArkLeisure is a collection of marketing tools that can be leveraged to help you better understand your current and potential customer base.

What is ArkLeisure

What is ArkLeisure?

Based on a robust, values-based, segmentation ArkLeisure provides a comprehensive overview of potential motivations and purchase drivers specific to the UK travel consumer.

At its simplest, a subscription to ArkLeisure® provides a regularly updated overview of the UK market facilitating informed strategic and tactical planning of both marketing and new developments. This information includes everything from complete demographic profiles through to numerous 'hot topic' reports that cover the some of the biggest driving factors in the market.

You can find out more about a subscription to ArkLeisure, and many other services based upon the ArkLeisure segmentation, in the use section.

In the rest of this section we invite you to discover the history and methodology behind the ArkLeisure segmentation. Alternatively, you may wish to explore the resultant model and gain an insight into the eight segments and how they differ from one another.


  • Values-based segmentation tool
  • Established in 2002
  • Provides specific insight into the holiday, travel and leisure motivations of the UK consumer

Why segment?

Segmentation enables us to not only identify the kind of individuals who are currently using your products, but also tell you why they are making use of them. This enables you to understand your natural target market, and what you can do to expand upon it.

By identifying the segments most attracted to your products you can produce targeted marketing efforts when attracting new business and match current customers with other products they may be interested in. The end result is that it can make marketing cheaper, less time consuming and ultimately more effective.

It doesn’t just play a role with your pre-existing products either. Whether you want to expand your market into new segments or merely produce another product that fits neatly within your current one a values-based segmentation can help. Not only can a comprehensive profiling of the market segments assist you in tailoring a product to target specific groups of individuals, it can help you identify the size of your target market.

When coupled with a bespoke ArkLeisure report a comprehensive overview matched to your product can provide you with valuable insight without the associated costs of commissioning a piece of primary research. For more information visit the use section and select 'Report Builder'.


  • You find out what your customers like
  • You find out who your customers should be from the wider market
  • You discover who it is that you aren't getting as customers

A brief history of ArkLeisure

ArkLeisure was originally created in 2002 to fit the needs of Visit Britain and Visit England. The requirement was for a method of segmenting the entire UK leisure and tourism markets to assist in marketing and planning activities.

In its infancy eight segments were identified that comprehensively defined the UK market. Each of these segments were given titles reflecting the core values on which they are based, and in a testament to their robustness these eight segments are still clearly identifiable to this day.

Over the years ArkLeisure has been validated and expanded upon by several years of continual research. Hundreds of thousands of interviews have been compiled into a set of eight profiles detailing everything from brand choices to kinds of media that each segment regularly digests.

After years of refinement we can now immediately determine an individual’s segment, and therefore what they are most likely to buy, based on 17 values-based questions.

For more details on the eight segments, and the ArkLeisure model as a whole, please visit the explore section.

Focus: Why values-based?

  • A better predictor of leisure behaviour than socio-demographic data
  • More stable than a behavioural segmentation as it does not reply upon brands as predictors
  • Attempts to tap into the core thought processes involved when making relevant decisions

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